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Oct. 17th, 2010


Jul. 14th, 2009

im super tired.
don't think i have any energy left to read up for OT...
ppl arun me r super hardworking.
terence, grace..
ppl, u made me stress up!

i need to jia you.
i seriuously cant make any sense out from the text.
im so gonna be a piece of dead meat la...

went to cher's dip in teaching graduation ceremony yst.
super proud of my frend.
1st class honour & some mathematic prize with $500 worth of BORDERS card..
buy all the books you can..

LOVE, im terribly sorry that i makeu go empty stomach for lesson!
thousands & thousands of apoloygy!!! 

i m goin to bed for tml's battle @ work.

Jul. 11th, 2009

love said there's web @ my bloggy already.

a few days ago.. i was recalling life in RP...
a place where i met a lot of fun loving gals.
indeed, throghout my 3yrs in RP, i've only 3 male friends - uncle paul, KC & Da jie.
come to think of it.. it could be becos i was attached & couldnt be bother with guys...

toilet breaks.. including taking pics in front of the full length mirror...
fried fish bee hoon soup! something which we eat almost everyday! HAAHAHAH
i miss the crazy times we had!
the bonds we hav were pretty strong. it was not like wat others hav mentioned... like back stabbing..
now im proud to say im from RP.

a new semester, a new start.
i need to buck up to get good grades! 
pls jia you for me!

Apr. 22nd, 2009

having some random thoughts, so decided to post a entry.
im watching this HK drama now.

there's a break up scene...
as usual, the guy claims tt his current GF is the braver one & the 3rd party needed him more.
he knew that his GF will be able to take it & get over it, wheras the 3rd party cant live without him.

com on guys! tt's totally absurd!!! 
what excuse is that?

btw, i read a veri interesting email today - be grateful to what you have.

when u want to complain, tink of ppl who do not have what u have.

don blame your BF for being lousy or insensitive..
but instead, be grateful, tt u have him by yr side to go thru the ups & downs

don complain tt u're fat or u nid to go on a diet, for u've food to eat

i hate to walk.. but tt reminds me tt i've got legs to walk. so i nid to be thankful.

no matter how sucky my job is, i need to be grateful tt i've a job during this bad economy.

in fact, im grateful to everything i've in life.


Mar. 31st, 2009

fed up!
i type so much.. 
with the click of 'backspace', boom! tt goes my entry! 

its 1st april.
happy birthday to you.
hope tt everything goes well for you.
i don tink i will ever hav the chance to say this to you. still.. im sorry.
though i noe i cant turn back the time now.

ian had set up a blog too!
im veri surprised! hahaaa
like wat he had mentioned in his blog, it's veri 'un-ian' to blog!
well from the blog, i can tell that he's a totally changed person.

he's no longer the ‘吊儿郎当’boy i used to know..
i can tell tt he really love his gf a lot..
not a playboy anymore..


Mar. 29th, 2009

看了这么多港剧,我也想用华语来写我的部落格。。但是利用汉语拼音好像有一点难喔。。 没有像港剧里打得那么快。。 凡是都有第一次嘛。明天有marcoecon test.. 我还在筹备当中。。-_-




现在正在看channel 55 的“美丽的第七天”。。有好多好多感触 。。 尤其是佳恩和志颖分手的那一段。我也能感受到那份伤感。好久都没有这种感觉了。这一年多来,我经历了不少的事件,真的让我成长了许多。我变得坚强了,我不敢相信我也可以变得这么勇敢。。我不会在夜里哭着来让自己睡着,反而我可以很安枕的入眠。虽然偶尔还会想起以前发生的事,但是我很清楚的知道那些只是回忆。不重要啦。可以回忆也好幸福喔 ^-^


好啦。。 我要去看电视了。。等一下再continue… =)

Mar. 28th, 2009

i make a new frend at lesson today.
her name is sharon.
i hope she is a nice frend la... hahahahaah

xin hui picked clancie & i up somewhere near rong guang BBQ...
reach home veri early.
 we decided to go rong guang for bbq stingray aft class
it's yummy! 
alright i know its kind of fatteing to eat aft 8...
but.. im going to start my pla tml!
i shall not be 3 fe zhog re du la...
really.... im serious abt it...

i was looking @ the grad pic pig posted..
where's tt figure i used to have?
i reali nid to do something...

im waiting for my tang xin feng bao repeat telecast..
pls wait for my good news.. =)

Mar. 26th, 2009

*spider web everywhere*
let me see...
it's been a long time since i blog...

im catching the repeat telecast of 'tang xin feng bao'
hence the thought of blogging just like the other time... 

but im totally lost 
don't know wat shld i blog abt. 

tat's nothing interesting in my life anyway... 
studies & work.. 
how interesting/exciting can tt be? 

no special sparks in my life yet. 
7 more yrs to my big '30'.... 
wonder how i will be 7 yrs later... 

happily married with kids? 
still single? 
of cos i don wan to be single! 

im getting fatter.. one united nation.. 
not tt i have fabulous figure in the past.. 
but im just so sick of ppl telling me tt i've put on more weight... 

well give me 3 months..
just like wat i told cher.. 
i nid to be veri determine tis time... 

exam is less than a month away... 

i noe tis is a veri boring entry.. 
but at least.. im voicing out my thought.. 

see ya soon~! will be back boo... 

ps: im used to my life now.. what will happen if i mit someone? 

my last entry was 4 weeks ago. tt was super long can~
hahaha im lazy... nothing much to blog too..
im busy with work & school..
tt's all..
i can't possible update with only these...

happy belated vdae ppl!
i went prawn-ing session with my colleague...
she was veri brave...
she cut the earthworm alive!
oh my! yesh! veri bloody veri brave!
the earthworm is so long! even though u has cut it into tiny pieces, they;re still moving! 

i can nvr go prawn-ing myself! 
im ah hum! scare! LOL

i saw someone @ dinner 
but i pretend...
wat m i suppose to do? hello xxx's ex BF and yyy's ex GF...

well weird things always happen to me..

anyway da jie! thanks for the flower!
u really made my day! haa

im goin for my facial now.

see ya... for the next entry! boo


Jan. 13th, 2009

back from swim~



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